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MASK - a short film

Wayne Sables Project received funding from Awards for All England to deliver a project that would provide a platform for local people in Doncaster who have experienced domestic abuse to have voice and influence over what experience’s they have been through.

Riverside Care & Support Doncaster Domestic Abuse Service worked alongside Creativity for Change and E-Dance to create a resource that would be impactful and educational whilst at the same time having strong artistic integrity. 

Women in refuge rarely get their voices heard due to their vulnerability and need for anonymity as they are fleeing domestic abuse.  This project created an innovative platform for women to share their stories directly with audiences whilst still feeling protected. Together, we supported women to share personal experiences as a tool to empower them. We created a sharing and caring place of creativity in order for their confidence and self-esteem to grow. We then used film and dance to present their ideas, experiences, dreams, aspirations, memories and fears to create a resource that would empower the women and create a sense of self hope for the future as well as tool that can be used to inform partner organisations on the issues of domestic abuse.

Please click on the link below to watch the short film.

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