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Doncaster Domestic Abuse helpline


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Doncaster has a Domestic Abuse partnership made up of services such as the Council, Police, Doncaster Children's Services Trust, NHS, schools, and charities.

We provide a range of services for anyone affected by domestic abuse, and also for professionals working with families.

Whether you are experiencing domestic abuse yourself, concerned about someone, or want to change your own behaviour, on this site you will find information and details of services that can help.

Domestic Abuse can cause serious harm to adults and children. We work together to protect and support victims of domestic abuse and their children, challenge abusive behaviour and support people to change their behaviour. We also want to educate people of all ages about relationship abuse so that it can be recognised early, and prevent it becoming very serious.

Our vision is for a Doncaster where domestic violence and abuse is recognised as unacceptable, and people live safe and happy lives free from abuse. Anyone experiencing domestic abuse, whether being abused, being the abuser, or witnessing abuse, has access to the support they need at the time they need it, to be safe and recover, or address their behaviour.

If you are suffering domestic abuse, or know someone who is, please tell someone, call our helpline on 0800 4701 505, or if you are in danger right now, call 999

We are here to listen and help you to decide what to do. No-one should have to live with abuse, you are not to blame, and there is help available.

Information is available from Public Health Colleagues as highlighted below:


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