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Foundation 4 Change

Foundation 4 Change is a service for anyone who wants support to change their behaviour towards their partner or family members and improve their relationships. 

If you are concerned about your behaviour, if your partner feels afraid of you, or you find yourself being aggressive, abusive or even violent Foundation 4 Change can support you to change your behaviour and improve your personal relationships.  

Foundation 4 Change runs a range of programmes from short ‘healthy relationships’ workshops to more in depth programmes that tackle specific behaviours and also help you to identify if there are other issues affecting your behaviour that you may need specialist help with.

Referral and Assessment - can be made by individuals or professionals with the person’s consent. You can call the helpline on 0800 4701 505.

You will be given an initial appointment with a support worker to discuss and agree with you a plan to develop the skills and knowledge of how to build healthy relationships. This means learning what makes a healthy relationship and how issues such as difficulties with accommodation, money worries, physical and mental health, alcohol and drugs and the stresses of work or unemployment can affect how your relationship works.

It’s about understanding what abusive behaviour is and that it doesn’t have to involve violence. The assessment will consider which Foundation 4 Change Programme will suit you and whether you need other specialist support which we can refer you to.

You will be allocated a keyworker who will meet with you regularly to make sure your plan is progressing and to support you to put into practice changes in your behaviour.  This includes working closely with the support services that are working with your partner, and helping you access any other services you may need.

Bite size change menu: There are eight ‘Bite size change’ modules, addressing different aspects of relationships and behaviour. You can do the whole series or just complete the ones you and your keyworker feel are most relevant to you. Most people do two or more of the modules available as one-to-one sessions or in groups.

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