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Doncaster Domestic Abuse helpline


Independent Domestic VIolence Advocacy Service

Doncaster IDVA service is based within the Council's Community Safety Team, and provides support to anyone who has been assessed as at high risk of further harm from domestic violence.

The IDVA service works on behalf of the victim, working with a wide range of agencies to reduce the risk of further abuse, and increase their safety. Their role is to provide support and advocacy to people whose lives are at risk from domestic abuse or who are at risk of serious physical or psychological harm. Because they work only with high risk clients, there is no self-referral to the IDVA service.

Staff working in various Doncaster agencies are trained to assess risk. If you are assessed as high risk, you will be referred to the IDVA service as well as the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC). A wide range of agencies can refer you to the IDVA, including the Police, Victim Support, Housing Options, St Leger Homes, Health services, Probation and Social Care (Children's and Adults' Services).

What you can expect from the IDVA Service

If you are referred to the IDVA service, one of the IDVAs will contact you within 48 hours to arrange to visit you.  If it's not safe to visit you at home they will arrange to meet you somewhere else. When you meet they will assess all of your circumstances, in particular the risk of further abuse, and work with you to draw up a Safety Plan, to ensure you and your children are safe.

The plan will focus on reducing the risk and giving you the support you need to stay safe, and live your life free from fear of violence and abuse.

The IDVA will also support you with any other issues such as housing, financial, health or legal matters, concerns about your children, or your employment.

Once the level of risk has reduced, you may be referred to one of our partner agencies for continuing support as appropriate, with your agreement.

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